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Operation: aRMOUR

27TH – 28th AUGUST 2022

The australian armour & artillery museum


operation: ARMOUR- a TWO day 1000 point Bolt Action tournament

This year, AusArmourfest will for the first time ever, feature a huge Bolt Action Tournament.

This will be a wargaming event like no other!

A carnival atmosphere, armoured vehicle rides and incredible prize support make OPERATION: ARMOUR a tournament you will not want to miss! 

The tournament will be overseen by the veteran TO, Hari Turner.

 Players will be competing for places in an exclusive ride in the grand parade finale on Sunday the 28th.

 Your ticket to OPERATION: ARMOUR includes full entry to AusArmourfest over all 3 days!

 OPERATION: ARMOUR will run over the Saturday and Sunday.

 Tickets are available below.

If you purchase tickets to the Commander’s Deck on either day, you may enter the tournament at no extra cost!


We have taken special measures to ensure that the Operation: Armour will be COVID-safe. However, in the event of a lockdown or change in government advice, we guarantee full refunds to tickets bought before the event.


Tournament Rules and Restrictions

What You’ll neeD

  • Army painted to a reasonable tabletop standard (base colours, a wash, and fully based)

  • Order dice & dice bag

  • Adequate D6

  • Pin tokens and other relevant markers

  • 3x 40mm objective markers




  • No Intelligence agents may be taken
  • Special characters may not be used
  • Naval Observers may not be taken
  • Maximum 2 flamethrowers
  • Maximum of 1 multiple launcher
  • 0-2 Armoured Cars OR Tanks may be taken; note that if two
    tanks are chosen, these MUST be either tanks or tank destroyers, not self-propelled artillery or anti-aircraft vehicles.
  • Soft-skin AA vehicles may be taken in place of artillery (but not free artillery pieces)

rule adjustments for tournament

  • Open-topped vehicles with an armour value of 7+ or higher will adjust the way
    they take pins from small arms fire to the following:
    • Inexperienced vehicles will always take the pin
    • Regular vehicles may ignore the pin on a D6 roll of 4+
    • Veteran vehicles will ignore the pin

  • Soft-skin vehicles are destroyed on a 2+ if they receive damage from any
    weapon with a penetration value, be it HE or AP

  • Infantry squad-based and team weapons with a rate of fire of 4 or more gain
    the Suppression rule, which works as follows:
    • The targeted unit receives an automatic pin upon being declared as the
    target, plus an additional pin if a successful hit is achieved. A unit can only
    suffer the effects of suppression once per turn.

  • PIATs/Bazookas/Panzerschrecks now inflict a 1” HE template when fired
    against units in buildings

If you have any questions about the Tournament please contact Kurtis at

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Operation: Armour $115.00

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