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Operation: husky

29th – 30th APRIL 2023

operation: husky

a two day, 1000 point, themed Bolt Action tournament

OPERATION: husky is the Australian Armour and Artillery Museum’s flagship wagaming event for 2023!

10 British, Commonwealth and American players will be pitted against 10 German and Italian players in a grand campaign set during the famous invasion of Sicily.


 Armies must be painted and on theme. Check the link here for the Player Pack

Tickets are available below. There are only 20 places!!

If you have any questions about the Tournament please contact ALEX at

Please submit your completed army list for review and approval to Alex by the 24th of April.

Ticket Type Price Cart
Operation: Husky AXIS PLAYER $50.00

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Operation: Husky ALLIED PLAYER $50.00

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