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Operation: THUNDER

22nd May 2021

The australian armour & artillery museum


operation: thunder – a one day 1250 point Bolt Action tournament

OPERATION: THUNDER is the Australian Armour and Artillery Museum’s first ever Bolt Action event and will feature ten 6 x 4 tables filled with high quality terrain for players to duke it out on.

The tournament will be overseen by the veteran TO, Hari Turner.

Players will be competing for places in an exclusive ride in a Panzer IV – a vehcile that is usually reserved for AusArmourfest! Stay tuned for more updates.

Tickets are available below. Hurry! There are only 20 places!!


We have taken special measures to ensure that the Operation: Thunder will be COVID-safe. However, in the event of a lockdown or change in government advice, we guarantee full refunds to tickets bought before the event.


Tournament Rules and Restrictions

Armoured Platoons

  • Armour 7 or less 

  • Must be open-topped

  • Maxium 1 medium or heavy howitzer in the platoon

Infantry Platoons

  • No Intelligence agents may be taken

  • Special characters may not be used

  • Maxium 2 flamethrowers

  • Maximum of 1 free unit

  • Theatre selectors are allowed with TO approval

All Platoons

•   Clear theme must be present with a reasonable degree of historical accuracy. 

for example, no Mongolian Cavalry backed up by an IS-2 or Gurkhas supported by a Comet

•   Selectors from Theatre books released less than a month prior to the event are

not permitted

If you have any questions about the Tournament please contact Kurtis at

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Operation: Thunder $35.00

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