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AWM Memorial Boxes

Memorial Boxes can be used to invigorate classroom lessons, inspire historical investigation, and add meaning to commemorative activities. They can also be adapted for use as a therapeutic tool in an aged care facility or as an interactive display in a community museum. 

Put your hands on history with these engaging learning resources for any age. Memorial Boxes are filled with real and replica uniforms, equipment, artefacts, and more. They are supported by a range of case studies and activities which are available online (via AWM).

The museum has the following memorial boxes available:

Box 01
Australia in the First World War 

Box 02
Australia in Wartime and Peacekeeping Operations since 1946

Box 03
Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Wartime Service

Box 04
Australia in the Second World War


Click here to visit the Australian War Memorial website where it explains the boxes and how to use them.

Reservation of AWM Memorial Boxes

Please note that the days around Anzac Day (25th  April) and Remembrance Day (11th November) are the peak usage periods for the memorial boxes.  When you have made a selection please let us know ASAP as it is first in first served when it comes to booking the boxes. To book a Memorial Box please call the museum on 07 4038 1665 or email us at

Schools and other community groups

We understand that each school and other community group’s requirements will differ, which is why we welcome you to work with us prior to your visit so we can accommodate your visit accordingly. The Australian Armour & Artillery Museum also offer a discount for group bookings, so should you be interested in a school or other community excursion to our museum, please don’t hesitate to contact us on 07 4038 1665 or via email,