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Shooting Gallery

Join us downstairs in our custom-built Shooting Gallery for your opportunity to shoot military related bolt action rifles under the supervision of our highly qualified safety officers.


Our Shooting Gallery is very safe with tethered weaponry and automatic safety doors, not to mention our safety officers who include ex-military and ex-police firearms instructors.

To shoot under instruction you don’t need a licence however:

  • You must be over 12 years of age.
  • Be considered fit and proper under the Weapons Act
  • Not be under the influence of drugs or alcohol
  •  It is a condition of use of the shooting gallery that shooters must be of a suitable height that allows them to adopt a safe shooting position over the shooting bench. All shooting on the shooting gallery is conducted from the standing position over the top of a shooting bench that is 1.32m high.

The shooting gallery allows a visitor to shoot at distances up to 50 metres and offers a selection of military and related bolt action rifles to use including a WWII British 303 and German Mauser.

The shooting gallery is a great way to round off your museum experience giving you your chance to take aim and fire!


Please note that Shooting Gallery will be closed:

On the Thursday before AusArmourfest

During AusArmourfest

On the Monday after AusArmourfest


Shooting Gallery Packages

1 Package per person.

Package 1 ($90)

20 Rounds with a .22 Calibre Rimfire Rifle

+ 10 Rounds of your choice of one large caliber Rifle

  • WWII .303 Rifle
  •  7.92 Mauser Rifle
  • 44 Lever Action Centrefire Rifle 
  • .223 Pump Action Rifle
  • 6.5mm Italian Carcano
  • 7.62 Russian Mosin-Nagant
  • French MAS 36

Package 2 ($135) – Formerly Package 5
10 Rounds with a .22 Calibre Rimfire Rifle

+ Select any two of the centre fire rifles listed above (10 Rounds in each) 

Package 3  ($165)

Choose any 3 of the large rifles.

+ 10 rounds on each (30 rounds total!)

Click here to purchase a package!