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Tiger I Shirt


Unleash history and style with our Tiger I Tank T-shirt, featuring a striking of our famous Tiger. This WWII legend’s powerful presence is captured in detail, offering a unique blend of fashion and historical significance. Wear a piece of military history and make a bold statement with this iconic design.

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Weight .850 kg
Dimensions 22 × 30 × 8 cm
Size & Colour

Black 4XL, Black 3XL, Black 2XL, Black XL, Black L, Black M, Black S, Grey 3XL, Grey 2XL, Grey XL, Grey L, Grey M, Grey S, Brown 3XL, Brown 2XL, Brown XL, Brown L, Brown M, Brown S, Green 3XL, Green 2XL, Green XL, Green L, Green M, Green S

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