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Privacy Policy

1. Privacy at The Australian Armour and Artillery Museum

1.1. The Australian Armour and Artillery Museum (“TAAAM” or “we”) acknowledges and respects the privacy of individuals, employees and third parties that we deal with and we are committed to protecting the personal information which we hold.

1.2. This Policy outlines the way in which TAAAM collects, holds and discloses personal information we have and hold regarding individuals.

2. Personal information

2.1. Personal information is information we hold about you from which your identity is either clear or can be reasonably determined. When you give us your personal information, it imposes a responsibility on us to protect your privacy.

3. What kinds of personal information do we hold?

3.1. TAAAM collects information necessary for us to provide our services. We usually collect:

3.1.1. name, address and contact information;

3.1.2. information about your dealings with us.

3.2. You have the right not to identify yourself when dealing with us, unless the information we are seeking is required by law or it is impractical for us to effectively deliver our services to you without the information requested.

3.3. If you do not give us the personal information which we ask for, it may affect our ability to meet our obligations to you or provide you with effective services.

3.4. Any personal information we receive from you that we do not require will be protected in the same manner as that information that we have requested from you. If we could not have collected this information through our normal processes, we will securely destroy that information as soon as we can.

4. How do we collect personal information?

4.1. TAAAM usually collects personal information by way of forms completed by people, face-to- face meetings, business cards, telephone conversations, email correspondence and from third parties.

4.2. We will only collect personal information about you from third parties if you consent, unless we are required by law to do so and it is unreasonable or impractical for us to collect the information from you personally.

4.3. We will also notify you if we have received personal information about you from a third party.

5. Use of your personal information

5.1. The reason we collect personal information will usually be obvious at the time of collection. TAAAM uses personal information variously to:

5.1.1. Provide our services to our customers;

5.1.2. Manage our relationship with our customers;

5.1.3. Market our services;

5.1.4. Facilitate our internal business operations;

5.1.5. Comply with the law.

5.2. Generally, we will only use your personal information for the purposes for which it was collected.

5.3. If we use your personal information for a purpose other than which it was first collected we will take reasonable steps to notify you.

6. Disclosure of your personal information

6.1. We may disclose personal information for the purposes for which it was collected, and:

6.1.1. subject to our obligations to customers, to anyone where necessary or desirable in connection with providing our services, such as to our suppliers, to regulatory authorities, or other parties or advisors;

6.1.2. within our organisation;

6.1.3. to other advisors to enable them to provide other services in connection with our services or the operation of our business (eg manufacturers, distributors, local authorities);

6.1.4. where the law requires us to do so; or

6.1.5. where you consent for us to do so.

6.2. In certain circumstances we may be required to correspond or engage with overseas entities in the course of delivering our services. Where personal information is disclosed to an overseas entity we will take reasonable steps to ensure that they comply with the Australia Privacy Principals or are bound by a similar law in their jurisdiction. Otherwise we will seek your consent before we disclose your personal information to them.

7. Accessing personal information

7.1. You can request access to and/or correction of your personal information by contacting TAAAM directly and making a request in writing.

7.2. TAAAM will take reasonable steps to ensure that you get access as soon as practicable after your request.

7.3. Where there is a cost associated with our providing you with this access, TAAAM may charge you a reasonable fee to cover this cost.

7.4. TAAAM may refuse you access where this is permitted by the Privacy Act. If this happens, we will give you reasons.

7.5. TAAAM will take reasonable steps to maintain complete, up-to- date and accurate personal information of individuals. If your details change please notify TAAAM so we can make the appropriate changes to our records.

8. Security of your information

8.1. TAAAM takes all reasonable steps to ensure the security of your information. We take reasonable steps to hold information in secure electronic or physical form – including by providing secure premises and maintaining firewalls and secure databases – to protect information from loss, misuse, unauthorised access and modification.

8.2. The internet is not a secure environment. If you send us information via the internet, you send it at your own risk.

9. Enquiries

9.1. If you have any questions or concerns about our privacy policy or practices or if you would like more information, please contact our Manager, Dennis Tocock.

Telephone: 61 7 4038 1665

9.2. If you believe we have not complied with this policy or the Privacy Act, please contact us as set out above.

9.3. We will take any privacy complaint seriously. However, if you remain dissatisfied, you can also make a formal complaint with the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner website